Empowering 100% Open Access in Irish Scholarly Research

Enhance your approach to Open Science. Explore insights thoughtfully designed to support your strategy and contribute to the future of Irish Open Science. Our current pilot phase, aimed at enhancing data integrity and broadening functionality, continues until June 2024.
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Tailored Monitoring
Explore role-specific insights through our diverse dashboard types, driving priorities with precision and efficiency.
Benchmarking & Evaluation
Effectively measure your progress against community standards and assess the impact of your Open Science initiatives.
Evidence-based decision
Leverage a wealth of information to make informed choices that advance your objectives.
Collaboration Catalyst
Transform complex data into valuable insights, fostering collaborations and partnerships.

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National Monitor

Explore Ireland’s Research Overview

Dive into the National Dashboard for a comprehensive view of Ireland’s Open Access landscape or explore our other four types of tailor-made dashboards.
Research Performing Organisations Monitors
Researchers monitors
Research Funding Organisations Monitors
Repositories Monitors

Enhancing data quality through user engagement

We encourage active participation from our users to refine and improve the data quality on our platform. Collaborate with us, utilize the tools provided, and contribute to shaping a robust Open Access environment.
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Add to ORCID
Sync and enhance your ORCID record.
Link your research
Connect research results with projects, research communities, or other research outcomes.
Upload DOIs
Obtain detailed information about your publications.

We Value Your Feedback.

Your insights and feedback are crucial. Reach out with questions, comments, or to collaborate on data quality.